Baba Ramdev Vs. Anna Hazare

White Khadi garb vs. Saffron Sanyasi grab. White is so pure that all colors fail in front of it. The similar story has been experienced by all of …

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White Khadi garb vs. Saffron Sanyasi grab. White is so pure that all colors fail in front of it. The similar story has been experienced by all of us during the past few months. Yes, we are talking about Anna Hazare & Baba Ramdev. Fight against corruption was the agenda of both the crusaders.  But the way their campaigns differentiated was the matter of thought. The enthusiasm that made Anna’s movement rock was missing in the Sadhu’s faction even though Anna was not popular among public as Baba Ramdev. The popular Yoga guru is watched by millions on TV & enjoys a huge following throughout the nation even then he did not win the support of nation as a whole. Diversified population including pro-Baba & anti-Baba can be a reason behind the indifference. Baba is multi-millionaire personality owing a Scottish island & varied business lines like TV Channels, drugs and Yoga none the less. Was this the reason behind his flop show at Ram Leela Maidan in Delhi? The answer is yes.  If Baba is a real Yogi why did he collapse in just a few days of fasting? “40 days fast will not affect his strong body” was the declaration made by the Yoga Guru. Why he was dragged to ICU then? Why was he justifying himself again & again in front of public? Why was he flaming against govt.? Were his demands like death for corrupt & banning high-definition currency were justified enough? All questions impose a giant doubt on his authenticity of being a Yoga Guru. His integrity was totally moved when the Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, shown the letter in Ramdev’s hand writing about the promise of the token hunger strike.

The hunger strike led by Baba Ramdev was quite dramatic with its private jet landing in Delhi with many ministers flooding on the airport to hold talks with him. But all in vane since Ramdev was more adamant about the hunger strike than the issues to be solved. All of a sudden on one night he was arrested by the Police & then he travelled back to Haridwar where he continued his fast. At last on June 12 he destined to ICU as expected with the breaking of just 9 days past fast. Whereas if we talk about Anna Hazare we witnessed the 13-day fasting with the mobs supporting his campaign, the candle marches in almost every region of the country, all social networking sites with the update “Support Anna” & the banners of the Anna throughout the country. The non-violence motion against corruption was admired by the whole world. His main agenda was to get a sticker Jan Lokpal Bil unlike Ramdev’s crave for publicity & demanding support for his upcoming political party to be launched in 2014. And the common man’s true love for nation was only visible in Anna Hazare’s crusade, the cause for people to support him.

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