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‘Simran’ Official Trailer Release: Kanagan Ranaut, Hansal Mehta

Simran is an upcoming drama film by Hansal Mehta, featuring Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. A few months back the makers of the film released the first teaser and poster of the film since then the film has been surrounded with in house controversies.

Be it Kangana getting writing credits and writer Apurva Asrani’s objection towards it or Kangana dominating the editor’s table, with which the marketing team of ‘Simran’ is not very happy. And now, finally, after ups and downs, the makers of ‘Simran’ released its official trailer and once again Kangana Ranaut made everyone loves her.

Kangana is seen in a different avatar which made every one impressed. The actress is playing kleptomaniac gambler in this intriguing film. In the two-and-half-minute trailer, we meet Kangana’s character who is divorcee but nothing stops her from flirting with guys and giving love another chance. She proudly says that to woo a man is ‘not a character flaw, but a talent.”

Kangana plays a kleptomaniac and gambler who lives life to the fullest. In the trailer, we can see she has a poetic side too, as Simran’s trailer starts with some phrases where she compares freedom with sun ray’s and butterflies.

Next, we can see Praful aka Kangana on a robbery spree, cops are chasing her and the guy she is interested in doesn’t want to see her face again but yet she is smiling with a glass of champagne in her hand. All this left the viewers intriguing and Kangana’s character too left us in splits.

The film is majorly shot in the US and reportedly inspired by the life of an NRI nurse, who was imprisoned for robbing banks to pay off her gambling debts. ‘Simran’ is slated to release on September 15.



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