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Baadshaho Movie Review: Only Go For It If You Are Ajay Devgn’s Die Hard Fan

Today, Baadshaho has been released at the box-office, which is written by Rajat Arora and directed by Milan Luthria. It is an action thriller film which features Ajay Devgn, Ileana D’Cruz, Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Vidyut Jammwal and Sanjay Mishra in lead roles.

It is an action thriller film and the plot of the film is set during the emergency period of 1975. When India was fighting for the second independence, Sanjay Gandhi, who has been shown in the film as Sanjeev, two years before the implementation of emergency, in 1973, got into some clashes with Rani Gitanjali over an issue.

And in 1975, when the emergency was imposed in the country, Sanjeev aka Sanjay Gandhi orders to raid Rani Gitanjali’s palace and find the hidden treasures from there and brought it to Delhi. The responsibility of finding Gitanjali’s hidden treasure and bringing it to Delhi is given to Sahar Singh aka Vidyut Jammwal.

On the other side, Rani Gitanjali asked her most reliable and trust worthy person Bhavani Singh aka Ajay Devgn, to bring his treasure back by stealing it from the midway. To accomplish the task, Bhavani creates a team of four people including Bhavani Singh aka Ajay Devgn, Daliya aka Emraan Hashmi, Sanjana aka Esha Gupta and Guruji aka Sanjay Mishra.

This is the basic plot of the film. So what was the reason of feud between Rani Gitanjali and Sanjeev? What did the Army get in the raid? Whether Bhavani and his team get succeeded in their mission? Does Rani Gitanjali get back her treasure? To know all this you have to watch the film because I am here to review the movie. So now let’s see the film from my perspective.

The story of the film is good, if some more hard work would have been being done on the screenplay, it could prove to be a superhit film and could make a good box-office collection. But to regret the screenplay of the film is quite lucrative and so as the direction of Milan Luthria.

The raid scene seems to be funny, it seems that the army was there to kill a terrorist not to raid and find the hidden treasure, the scene can’t be digestible or there might be possibilities that raid at the time of emergency happens in this manner. The director made Rani Gitanjali i.e Ileana D’Cruz exposed at such places where there is no demand of such scenes in the script.

Milan must have thought that there should be some hot scenes so let’s add one or two. The fight sequences in the last scenes were beyond understanding and no one knows where did all the gold has gone at the end, where did Rani Gitanjali go and what happened to the rest of the character? So the overall direction is also lame as the screenplay.

If we talk about the acting, Ajay Devgn’s character of Bhavani Singh is the blend of the character of his previous movies like Prithviraj of Bol Bachchan and Manav Raghuvendra of Satyagraha, in the whole, there is nothing new in his character of Bhavani Singh. Emraan’s character is also, as usual, yes for a change there is no kissing scene. Sanjay Mishra’s acting skills are fabulous, Esha Gupta did a great job so as Ileana D’Cruz, who performed very well. Coming to Vidyut Jammwal, the actor has a lot of things to showcase but he did nothing extra ordinary.

Overall the film has every element be it suspense, action, thriller or romance, still, the film fails to impress us and due to this, the film drags. If you are a die hard fan of Ajay Devgn so go for the film or you can also go for it if you want to see what new thing Milan Luthria have come up with. You can also go this film if you want to pass your time but if you want to watch an entertaining and ‘paisa vasool’ film then ‘Baadshaho’ is not for you.

I will give this movie 2 stars out of 5.

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