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Hey friends, let’s talk about the
Movie Daddy that got released today – 8th September 2017. Its a political crime drama directed by Ashim Ahluwalia starring Arjun Rampal. It is written also by both Only and Arjun himself chose the role of playing the title character Daddy- Arun Gawli. South Indian actress Aishwarya Rakesh is debuting in Bollywood with this movie. Farhan Akhtar is also seen  in a special appearance.
This film is based on life of Mumbai ‘s gangster Arun Gawli who later turned into a politician. The era shown in the film is of 70s and the underworld of Mumbai. How Arun Gawli entered the underworld , turned gangster and later turned politician has been shown in the movie. Arun Gawli in real life is still in jail and awaiting justice. This film tried to make his voice reach to general public.
The movie has been directed well giving good shape to the gangster movie. The underworld, Violence, life of gangsters shown in the movie is completely apt.This biopic has also been made in Marathi And it was titled Daagdi chaawl where Makrand Deshpande played Arun Gawli.Hats off to the cinematographers Jessica lee and Pankaj kumar who showed us Mumbai of 70s, that gave life to the film. The scenes seemed so real that we could smell them.
Kudos to the makeup artist of the film who gave amazing looks to all the characters. Arjun Rampal’s makeup itself has brought him halfway to the real Arun Gawli.Screenplay of the movie is bit weak which drags the movie at many places. It has ask made it lengthier. Talking abt performances, Arjun Rampal is rocking in the role of Arun Gawli. His dialogue delivery is superb and expressions say it all. Farhan Akhtar’s special appearance in the role of the Don Maksood has added flavour to it.
This movie belongs to a special class of audience who enjoys watching gangster films. So, it will not do much business according to me.You can Watch it to see Arjun Rampal .My rating to Daddy is 3 out 5.Pls subscribe to our channel for regular updates from us and keep sharing your views with us.
Let’s meet next week with a new movie talk. Till then take care and stay blessed!



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