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Daddy | Movie Review | Ravindra Gautam Show

The second film released is Daddy, directed by Ashim Ahluwalia and is produced by Arjun Rampal and Rutvij Patel, written by Arjun Rampal and Ashim Ahluwalia.Daddy is a crime documentary drama film based on the true event of Arun Gawli. It has been shown how a simple, fractal young man who lives in a dusty trick becomes a gangster and then MLA and how he went to jail.Focussing on the story of the film, Arun Gawli robbed the bad men, stole money by going to the location of the criminals. It did not show in the movie that he robbed a decent man and extorted money from him.

The screenplay of the film could have been better, due to which the film could have been  super hit. Arjun Rampal would always be remembered for this film, but due to the poor screenplay, this could not be done.The direction of Ashim Ahluwalia is appreciated, the casting of the movie is excellent. The film has been completely given the look of the 80s. From character to location, all are super hit but the screenplay is very weak.

Talking about the acting, Arjun Rampal was one of the best performers till now. He has done very well and fantastic. But not only Arjun, rest of the characters has done a superb acting in which there’s no weakness. The film direction is good. The role of every character in the film is good. The cinematography of the film is strong. The film’s background score is well. According to the locations in the story, the lighting compliments the film’s story. If screenplay could be better, Daddy proved to be a super hit film.Despite being a gangster base, violence in the film was not that much as compared to previous gangster films we have seen.

You can watch this film once if you love crime drama and my rating for this film is 2.5 out of 5.



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