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Poster Boy | Movie Review in English | Dr. Renuka

Hey Friends! It’s Friday again and am back taking 2 Bollywood movies release of today – Poster boys and Daddy. Let’s talk about poster boys first. It is a comedy film directed by Shreyas Talpade starring Sunny Deol , bobby deol And Shreyas Talpade in the main role. It’s the remake of Marathi film poshter boyz.The plot of the film is based on three people of same village – jagavar chaudhry, Vinay Sharma and arjun singh whose pictures were printed in the poster for appeal to do vasectomy.

This was false and against their consent. How this false news impacted their families and shook their personal relations has been shown in the movie. They take a step towards raising their voice against such defame they had to face.The movie is full of cheap And terrible comedy. It was not at all expected from Shreyas Talpade. Although he tried to bring forward the social issues like girls’ discrimination and people’s mentality towards vasectomy , however has not been executed well.

The script is very amateur and did not complete any subject fully- be it of girl discrimination or changing people’s mindset for vasectomy, be it the protest or even managing family relations, no subject was completed. And all this was because of confusing script. Shreyas tried but could not throw any social message clearly.

There is no point speaking on The cinematography of the film, as there was nothing much to notice. It seemed the whole film has been shot in a studio or resort.The screenplay of Poster boys is very weak. The film got dragged at many places and the scenes which required some detail were ended quickly puzzling the audience. Hilarious Dialogues are only good part of the film that gives the strength to watch it.
Talking abt performances, there is nothing great about the said trio. Deol brothers are completely off the track and Shreyas couldn’t do justice with his directorial part.This could come out to be a better film emphasising on the social messages.Watch this film only if you are a sunny Deol , bobby deol or may be a Shreyas talpade fan. There is nothing else in the movie that attracts you.
You will encounter Old watsapp jokes and punchy dialogues from Sunny Deol’s past films. My rating to Poster boys is 1 out of 5. Friends, I always wait for your participation in our movie talks. Please share your views with me by writing in the comment section below.
Let’s meet next week again with a new movie talk. Till then take care and stay blessed.



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