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Poster Boys | Movie Review | Ravindra Gautam Show

Poster Boys and Daddy have been released at the box office. For the first review, lets’s take Shreyas Talpade’s Poster Boys. Shreyas Talpade is a good artist and he is debuting direction from Poster Boys. Poster Boys is written by Sameer Patel and screenplay is by Aunty Rathore, Paritosh Painter. It features Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Sonali Kulkarni, Samiksha Bhatnagar in the lead roles.

The theme for the story of the film has been chosen vasectomy, that is, Sterilization, how people still react to this as a threat. In this film, Sunny Deol is playing  Jagavar Chaudhary and Bobby Deol is Vijay Sharma. They get in trouble and people were making fun of them due to their picture on the poster of the sterilization awareness program which was printed by government employees.

Due to this, the engagement of his sister breaks down. Arjun Singh’s relationship with his fiancee becomes stagnant and wife of Master Vinay Sharma goes away threatening him for a divorce.In the entire film, all three are engaged in proving themselves innocent that they didn’t get sterilization done, which happened due to the government mistake. And for this, all three of them went to court, did darn demonstrations and hit everyone involved in this mistake.But in spite of all this, they prove themselves true.

Does the Jagavar Chaudhary’s sister get engaged back to the same house? Would Arjun get married to his girlfriend even when she is pregnant? Did Master get divorce?

To earn all this, you will have to watch the film because I do not tell you the story of the movie, I just analyse it.Let’s see my view point of the  film, the subject of the film could have been more powerful which could promote family planning, but the film’s script has only became entangled in a comedy film, and it lost the touch on the subject. Shreya Talpade’s Poster Boys direction could be much better and expected to provide better script in the future.

The acting is fine, but there is no scope for the script of the film, due to which talent of both actors didn’t work. Bobby Deol has appeared on screen after 4 years but his appearance is not the same. No idea, why Sunny Deol signed this film.The cinematography of the film is ok. Overall, you can save your money and avoid this super flop movie because neither the story nor the social message was conveyed. Moreover even the comedy has proven to be weak on every front.

I give this movie 1.5 stars out of 5.



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