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Know What Every Woman Should Do After Sex?

A great sex life is not only good for your relationship but keeps you healthy, happy and stress-free. Not only this, it will add more into your beauty and relationship. But do you know a steamy sex session can bring a host of nasty bacteria which can take a toll on your vagina. So here comes some must-to-do rituals after the intercourse for the health and happiness of your vagina.

Wipe Off Thoroughly

It is important to wipe off your vagina after sex with a washcloth by gently dabbing your genitals. Wash it with non-fragrant soap and water, luke warm water is preferable. As bacteria from your mouth, fingers, genitals, rectum and sexual lubricants can increase the risk of developing bacteria or yeast infection, so maintain good personal hygiene.

Take A Bath

Sex is both tiring and relaxing job, so a bath is all you need after it. Soak yourself in a bathtub and relax, warm bath can hydrate your outer vaginal skin and soothe any vaginal irritation and swelling that may happen after sexual intercourse. It also reduces your chances of infection. You both can bath together to lit up more on romance.

Sip- Sip- Sip

Sex is a form of vigorous exercise, sex for 70 minutes burns about 300 calories. So it is important to hydrate yourself after a vigorous love making session. A dry mouth or vagina can be the reason of dehydrated body, so if your mouth or vagina feels like a sandpaper amidst of sex, so refuel yourself with water. Water also helps to flush bad toxins from the body and also keep your body healthy and fit.

Fuel Yourself With Food

After fueling yourself with water, it is also important to munch on food rich in probiotics. Even experts recommend eating fermented food after sex, which helps to replenish the good bacteria and also decrease the risk of yeast infection. So you can have yogurt, pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, etc.

Wear Right Clothes Or No Clothes

After bathing and cleaning up session, wear cotton underwear and avoid all those fancy and lacy lingeries. Loose-fitting underwear keep your private part dry and also help to ward off UTIs and other infections. Tight fitting or nylon underwear should be avoided. You can also choose not to wear anything, even as per study says, sleeping naked benefits your health and also make couple’s bond stronger.



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