Father’s Day Special: Movies That Shows Father-Son Relationship

A child need a mother the most but he needs a father too; indeed. This Bollywood movie dialogue is best to describe a father’s importance in a child’s life. A father’s love can’t be substituted or replaced by anyone else. It is said that a father is son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.

So on the occasion of Father’s Day, here we are with some Bollywood movies based on Fathers and show the father-son relationship.

 Kunwara Baap (1942)

The movie is one of the best movies to watch, which depicts the amazing relationship between a son and a father. The movie is an absolute roller coaster guaranteed to tug at your heart strings. Mahmood plays a father to an abandoned child and takes care of him like his own. He faces struggles when he has to make money for his son’s operation, which is the main highlight of the movie. Kunwara Baap is a very touching movie and shows the true meaning of a father-son relationship.

Mughal-e-Azam (1960)

One of the most iconic movies in the history of Indian cinema. Mughal-e-Azam is not only the film about love, passion, and romance but also highlights the relationship between a father and son. In the film, it shows how a father, who loved his son more than his life, sentenced him death favouring the duty towards his kingdom.

Shakti (1982)

When we talk about the father-son relationship, Shakti movie comes in our mind. The most greyish movie of all features Dilip Kumar as father and Amitabh Bachchan as his son. The film is about a strict father who is a police officer and puts his duty above everything, due to which his son always felt distant from him. Not only this, he starts building hatred towards his father when his father denies to rescue him when he’s kidnapped in the name of duty. The movie showcased different emotions and father-son relationship beyond love and hate.

Masoom (1983)

The movie is about a married man and his illegitimate child. Masoom is an adaptation of Erich Segal’s Man, Woman, and Child. The film showcased how a man, happily living in his married life and then the entry of his illegitimate son changed everything. They beautifully show a son-father relationship and became commercially successful.

Aakhree Raasta (1986)

Aakhree Raasta is the film where he plays both father and son in a story of revenge. Big B as the son is pitted against his biological father, a relationship he is not aware of. The love, emotions, and plot is a must watch for everyone.

Gardish (1993)

The movie is about an edgy relationship of a father and son, who are strong willed and sometimes on the opposing side. In the film, the father played by Amrish Puri, who is a constable and wants his son to be a police inspector. Instead, his son joined underworld and later they both clashes. A classic movie is what we strongly recommend.

Akele Hum Akele Tum (1995)

Another movie which shows a father-son relationship so beautifully. In the movie, Aamir Khan played single dad and was a super hit movie of it times. The movie is the remake of Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep-starrer Kramer vs. Kramer. The song from the movie, “Tu Mera Dil Tu Meri Jaan, Oh I Love You Daddy” is still loved by all.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

A cult movie has everything, emotions, romance, drama and also a relationship between child and parents. Remember the scenes of Farida Jalal and Kajol, as mother-daughter were so emotional. Kajol who fears from his strict father and on the other hand there is Shah Rukh Khan’s father Anupam Kher gives a glimpse of the sweet relationship between a father and son who encourages his son for everything good.

Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai (1998)

The film is about a womaniser, who falls in love with a girl and changed himself for her. But the entry of his estranged son Kabir made him insecure, as he doesn’t want to lose his love. Initially, he was emotionally detached to his son, later transforms into a responsible man and owns up his mistakes and accept his son. The emotional scenes, a heartwarming conversation between a father and his son, love, and care, the movie is the most emotional father-child movie of the late 90s.

 Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (2001)

The family drama film mainly focused on a father and child relationship. Ahead of the family who is dominating and hence have differences with his son. Later the son faced his dad and realised him that he was being unreasonable. But the son never disrespects his father, knowing that he is not right. The emotions are just so perfect.

Rishtey (2002)

Though the film is not very brilliant in terms of narrative and script but is one of the best films which showcased a beautiful relationship of a son and his father. Anil Kapoor as a father fully justified his role of being a single father to his physically challenged son and acts as a pillar of strength to his son.

Baghban (2003)

Baghban is the films which beautifully showcased the changing relationship of children and parents. A story of an old man who wants love and care from his children after he gets retired but the children feel their father and mother as a burden. The movie also showcased a relationship between a father and his adopted son, who grows up and turns out to be a perfect son who respects his father a lot more than his own kids.

Waqt: The Race Against Time (2005)

The film completely focused on the father-son relationship. It’s about a father who concerns about his son’s future, who is a spoiled brat, doesn’t have any interest in taking responsibility and doesn’t care about what he wants in life. The movie revolves around great bonding between a father-son and how a father takes a drastic step to make his son responsible for life. This affects their bonding but at the end, he realised what his father always tried to make him understand.

Taare Zameen Pe (2007)

We can bet that this movie made you cry. Not only a father but a father figure can play an important part in your life. Same happens with Ishaan, a child who suffers from dyslexia. His father never understands his son’s problem and blames him for being lazy and insolent. But there was his school teacher who understands his problem, who support and helped him to overcome the same. He also made his own father understand about the issue.

Apne (2007)

A full family drama where real life father-sons plays reel life, father and sons. The father-son relation and their bond faced many ups and downs. A father who was a boxer and got disqualified for fake doping charges and wants his son to be a boxer. But due to lack of resources he quit boxing and handles family business, his father thought that he betrays him. Then facing all ups and downs the son became World Champion.

Gandhi- My Father (2007)

Everyone is aware of the father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. But there are not many who know about his son Hiralal Gandhi, who ruined his life as he wasn’t able to survive the shadow of his father. The movie showcased the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his relationship with his elder son Hiralal, the movie focuses on the effect of Gandhi’s iconic life on his son Hiralal.

Paa (2009)

The title itself suggests that the story is about father-son, where real life father and son plays the reverse role on-screen. When the girlfriend of protagonist got pregnant before marriage, he asked her to abort the child as for now both of them has to concentrate on their career. But she decided to keep the child, and after the birth, she came to know that her child suffers from a rare genetic disorder called progeria and can only live for 13-14 years. In meantime, the child met his dad but promised his mother never to reveals that he is his son. Later he came to know about his child and the emotions they shared is spell bounding.

Wake Up Sid (2009)

Though the film doesn’t fully focus on father-son relationship. But there are some aspects which portray father-son relationship beautifully and shows exactly same situation parents and children face with each other nowadays. Ranbir Kapoor plays a lazy spoil brat and Anupam Kher as an ambitious man, who do concerns about his son’s future and loves him but feels that being strict is the solution. But as he left his father’s house he starts getting responsible, the film is about those who think about of box. Even parents have to understand that being an engineer or doctor is not the life and let their children choose their own career path, just guide them.

Udaan (2010)

The film is the darkest social drama of the list. The film revolves around a story of a son and his abusive father and also focuses on the dark side of our society. Most of us feel that a child is safest when he/she is with their parents but there are some cases too when some kids end up with abusive parents. In the story, the son ends up with his alcoholic and abusive father and how his life changes after he starts living with his father. The film showed a very different side of a father-son relationship and got critical acclamation.

Patiala House (2011)

The film is again about a stubborn father (Rishi Kapoor) who doesn’t allow his son (Akshay Kumar) to play cricket for England. Being born in London, Akshay gets a chance to play for England but his father restricts him playing for England as he believes that it will be a betrayal to his country India. Because of his father, he left cricket at an early age and after 10 years he again got a chance to play for England. The emotions, when he came to know about his son playing cricket is is a must watch.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

The movie is not actually about a father and child relationship. But at a point when Farhan met his father, for the first time, found that they are so similar. The dialogues and scenes of their meeting were emotional and bang on and had so much of depth.

 Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (2013)

Again the movie is not about father-child relationship. But the emotional scenes between lead actor’s father and him is spell bounding. A father who is supportive and sweet towards his son, who is shown selfish and at the end, he regrets and realises his mistake.

Dil Dhadkne Do (2015)

Anil Kapoor proves to be a great dad on and off screen. With this 2015, movie he again portrays the role of a father who is dominating this time. He ends up with the difference in opinion with his son and always blames his son. He fails to understand his son’s dream but later realises his mistake.

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