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G. D. Bakshi ने पाकिस्तान और चीन पर दिया बड़ा बयान और क्यों निराश हैं PM मोदी से, देखें

Latest interview of Major General (Retired) GD BAKSHI, (Gagandeep Bakshi) SM, VSM for BLUNTLY SPEAKING series. G. D. Bakshi is a retired Indian army officer. He is from the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles. He was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal for commanding a battalion in the Kargil War. Later, he was awarded the Sena Medal for distinguished service in commanding a battalion during counter-terrorism drives. Maj Gen GD Bakshi is a Combat Veteran, and PHD in Strategic Studies. He is Editor in Chief of Defence & Security magazine. He philosophy of life is ‘Country comes first, Always & Everytime’.

In the interview Gen GD Bakshi highlighted the facts of Indian Armed forces, the problems and issues they are facing because of old and obsolete fighter planes, lack of ammunition & updated equipment , because of which they might be face problems during War times.
He also drove our focus towards China, who is trying to fix its roots through its ‘Pearl of Strings’ strategy. Through this interview he wants to draw attention to the fact that at all times India’s emphasis is on Pakistan only, whereas China could turn out to be a major problem in coming years…

According to Gen Bakshi, for 30 years India had paralysed itself into IMPOTENCE in the face Of Pakistan continuing terror attacks for the fear of a nuclear response by Pak. what Prompted us to set the nuclear threshold in South Asia at such a ridiculously Low level?
We want COMPELLENCE- compel pak to Stop and roll back its proxy war of 30 years. If that is so then we will have to do much more. Even a limited war will SINK the Paki economy. They have just 7 bn $ in their Forex Kitty- not enough to pay for 2 months import.
Rafale- Maj Gen GD Bakshi also enlightened the details of ‘Rafael’- hyesterical subject . Following points need to be understood:-

-we have a National Security crisis situation in terms of Air power. and AIRPOWER is the key to VICTORY today. We need a 45 sqadron Air force to face a 2 front threat . we are down to 30. by 2023 we will be down to just 26.

-Pak has an Air force of 25 Sqns. China can deploy 42 sqns against us. that means our Air force of 26 squns will have to fight 25+42=67 sqns with just 26 sqns. Even an Idiot can understand this maths.We need to increase our AIR power on an EMERGENCY BASIS.

– instead we hear a clamour to cancel even these 2 Rafale sqns that are coming on the unsubstantiated allegations of corrouption. Are we CRAZY as a nation?

-Why did the PMO get involved in this deal? because there was a CRISIS and somebody had to react in a responsible manner to kick the babus to speed it up.Thank God.

– Why was no soverign guarrantee taken , no escrow account opened? because it was a Govt to Govt deal. These are not needed in a G to G deal. It was not done with Russia( Su- 30etc) or USA ( Boeing deal )

– Why was HAL sidelined? there is no manufacture involved in India in this deal. Besides we now need to involve the private sector to generate efficiency and COMPETITION.

-Ambani has been given 30,000 crores.For gods sake there are 2 parts of this deal. Purchase of 36 Rafales in Fly away condition ( no manufacture). OFFSETs – Rafale is required to reinvest 50% of contract value in india. it will do that with over a 100 Indian firms. Reliance is just one of them.The choice is that of Dassault.besides the UPA itself told Reliance to make the metro. if it was so bad why did they risk our Lives?

-Can we please FOCUS on Solving our Air Power crisis and not line up with foreign powers who want to weaken and destroy INDIA? Please spare the forces. Chor politicians and babus have got us to this sorry pass. let us wake up before it is too LATE!Bofors had stopped the INDUCTION of vital medium guns for 30 YEARS. they want to do the same now to our Air force.will we sit back and just let them?

WATCH the interview to hear impeccable words of Maj Gen (R) GD BAKSHI.



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