Know About The Trending Colour Combinations In Town

Colours are the melody of light in our lives. Colours play a very significant role when it comes to dressing up according to your skin tone and body figure. So, It is important to know the trends of colours to style like a Bollywood diva. To make your look perfect you need to be aware of the colour combinations which are in trend. There is a particular season for every colour.  Your style can be a fashion statement as your favourite Bollywood fashionista if you will follow the colour trends while selecting your outfit.

Here are some perfect colour combinations to be followed, this season:

1. Bright Yellow and Green

In this season, say ‘yes’ to the bright colours like yellow and green. It is must to add up to your wardrobe. Every shade of yellow can be suitable for a stunning look. You can wear clothes using different shades of yellow like mustard or lime yellow. A beautiful yellow outfit will make your look perfect.

It not only sharpen your look but transforms your everyday look. It can be paired with grey or some other colour jeans. But remember, keep it simple and don’t be afraid to try something different.

2. Blue And Pink

Pastels are your best friends. There’s nothing good than pastel colour outfit for the perfectly decent look. It may present yourself as a subtle but it should be styled in a right way. It can be eye-catching if bright pop of color is added to the whole look.

Wear a summer jacket with a pastel colour dress to give a trendy look and pair it up with white stilettos. It will give your outfit a stylish look.

3. Red and Black

Red and black color combination are our all-time favourite colours, but it should be styled in a correct way. You can put up a perfect red jacket or top with your black or blue jeans. It is a comfortable choice yet a stylish look. It’s sexy without being over the top.

4. Orange and Blue

Orange and blue can be styled in a fabulous way and can be used for the scheme for color blocking technique. You can opt your casual dress with a stylish orange statement neckpiece. These two colors will go perfectly when it comes to a colour blend. It not only gives you a fabulous look but also brightens up your skin tone with the mix of dark and light color scheme.

5. Tan and Maroon

A dark colour and a nude shade can be a little bit difficult to style and leave you to be confused in some situations. But if you style them in a different way it will be a gorgeous outfit of the day. It can go with all the skin tones, it’s just that you need to ensure how to mix all the textures and colours at the same place. Maroon looks best with a beautiful tan colour and will give a clear funky look where you can play with your hot avatar.



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