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Why Are Rules Different For Men And Women In This Extremely Sexiest World?

Deep down inside with all logic, it is the true fact that sex is the most natural thing, as natural as breathing and need for food. Then why sex is considered a taboo in our society, forget the society in the world. We live in a society where even uttering a word ‘sex’ considered to be uncultured. Forget to talk about satisfaction, sexual desires, arousal, etc. But the best part is it is only restricted to women.

Well, it is not wrong to say that the world we live in is an utterly sexiest one and where the rules for men and women are different. Though exceptions are always there but the majority says- not when it comes to sex. Why a woman considered whore when she asked for sex or talk about her desires and at the same time when a man does so he considered to be a macho, sexual player, stud, etc, etc.

All the fancy world are used for men, which of course are enough to boost their male egos and for women words like whore, slut, sex addict, nymphomania, will do all to break her down. There are people who believed and treat all genders equally but at large, it is hypocritical setup which is gender biased.

Women across the world are still braving through the patriarchal mindset, be it when it comes to taking birth to education, their rights and even also in the context of sex. We all have a mindset that sex is for men and women are there to satisfy their urges but we need to understand that sex is equally important and needful for both male and female.

If a man has multiple sexual partners considered to be a stud, as I said earlier, but if a woman has multiple sex partners she is being labeled a slut. So why people blame girls and woman when rape incidents took place, you consider sex is a men thing then why did you blame girl saying that ‘she was asking for it’, that is why this happens to her.

How can be a ‘sati savitri’, ‘abla nari’ can ask for it? In the fear of all this, a woman hides her wants, needs related to sex and throughout her life, she keeps busy giving pleasures to her man. Though the scenarios are changing, men too like women to take hold in bed, but again in the majority, if a woman becomes dominant in bed it will hurt the so-called male fragile ego, a hit to their ‘mardangi’.

The generation is making up their minds and their attitudes towards sex are changing and accepting the fact that women too have sexual desires like men and they too want to explore the same. But still saying that our society is comfortable with sex, that would be totally wrong.

Not only rules, but there are people who don’t know the actuality of sex and related stuff and we guess the blame goes to poor, misleading and no sex education in our society, which is really a matter to work upon to change the mindset of people.



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