‘Zindagi Ki Mehek’ To Shoot In Delhi For Dusshera Sequel

Our capital is always been the favourite destination of the film and TV show makers. There are many films and television shows set in Delhi and Zee TV popular Zindagi Ki Mehek is one of them. The show gave us the joyous ride of old Delhi and beautifully showcased Chandini Chowk and Delhi 6.

Sometimes it happens, the show started in a particular place and after initial episodes, they went back to Mumbai for rest of the shoot. But not with the makers of the ZKM, Zindagi Ki Mehek.

The cast of the show looks after every single detail to make every episode perfect. And this very decision makes them climbs one step up to perfection. The whole cast and crew of this popular daily shoots back in Delhi, and not Mumbai.

As the different sequences do have a different requirement from the show and look like the makers are not leaving any loopholes in making it flawless. The team of Mehek will be shooting in the Capital for the Dusshera sequel.

Yes, you heard it right. With the Dussehra here already, the cast of Zindagi Ki Mehek will shoot a particular sequence in the original Ramleela ground, in Dwaraka. Talking things seriously, the makers doing every possible thing be a perfectionist.

This will give all the pomp to the show around the festival and it seems like that the sequel will turn out to be a big hit, as shooting in original Ramleela ground is not an easy task.

As per the reports, it will be an important sequence that will be shot in real time and we are sure the team will also have fun shooting the sequel.

Zindagi Ki Mehek airs on Zee TV, Mon-Fri at 8 pm.

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