Because of Money I Had to Sleep on a Railway Platform : Adil Hussain

I went through bad financial phase where I just survived on a packet of noodles for 7 days and slept on a railway platform in Guwahati. I always coped up with such situations in life as they I had high intensity of love for my goal.

Welcome to Leaders Talk with Ravindra Gautam. In this show, we welcome the leaders of various industries and know the success path less trodden from them. Ravindra Gautam asks those questions from the leaders which may help you to grow in your career. He also asks about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them to climb up the success ladder.

We have Bollywood actor Adil Hussain in this episode. He has worked in more than 70 commercial film in more than 8 languages. Currently he is rocking in the series ‘Delhi Crime’.

Ravindra Gautam: Why did you choose film career?

Adil Hussain: I didn’t choose film career but acting. Acting can be performed at any platform. I started loving acting from my childhood itself. In 1971 I did my first play and I was just 8 years old that time. I never think acting could be a career.

Ravindra Gautam: If you don’t take acting as a career, it can be a passion or hobby too. Whereas many people know that you have worked in more than 70 films in more than 8 languages.

Adil Hussain: The opportunities knocked my door on their own as acting was my interest. For example if someone is a good cook and has interest in cooking. Then if he gets a call to prepare food and is paid for this work, which he likes doing too, it would work wonders. And in this case it can be considered as a career. However, I don’t consider acting as a career in my life. I like doing it and people are paying me for this, as if someone is serving dessert with food.

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Ravindra Gautam: Did your parents object to this or were they having any role towards making a choice for your career?

Adil Hussain: Yes, they had a role. My mother especially always supported me by telling me take-up things of my choice. She also used to give me money to participate in the plays and acting competition. My father, though not against acting, had a fear about how would I earn through this. I hail from Assam and Mumbai is quite far from there. Parents always had a comprehension that Mumbai is a city of rich people and what would son of a normal teacher do there whose income is not that much. We had no money to buy even milk during childhood, so how a boy from such a family would survive in the city like Bombay. If you really love something, you really can achieve it if your love is true. But it has be a true love only without any infatuation, or excuses. Your conviction should be 100% and there should not be any Plan B.

Ravindra Gautam: How and when did you get your first financial reward from a commercial angle?

Adil Hussain: I used to work in films, radio, stand-up comedian in Assam only. I started earning from there only. During the Bihu festival days I along with my group of my friends used to perform and earn through our shows. In 2001 ,Jasoos Vijay Series on Doordarshan paid me as my first higher financial award. When we get more than the amount needed to meet our necessities, then we actually have to think where to spend that money. Then I got attached to spiritual gurus, who helped me towards path of leading life of morals. Money is the power and energy that gets transformed into things. My Spiritual mentors gave me wisdom where to utilise that money for good cause. Positive utilization of wealth is the most important thing and this is the message I want to convey to the youth of today.

Ravindra Gautam: Why is there so inequality in the world?

Adil Hussain: I get to study human behaviour as part of acting. I feel it’s the fear of tomorrow because of which humans tend to accumulate wealth by any means. People want to accumulate by killing the rights of others. The fear is the mother emotion which most of the businesses are based at. Concept of ‘tomorrow’ is the curse for humanity.

Ravindra Gautam: Why a poor person getting poorer?

Adil Hussain: It’s the people who have earned power tend to exploit weaker section be it physically or intellectually. Money is not reaching to the deserving people who are supposed to receive the money. Many Government policies are also favouring rich people where as farmers are committing suicides.

Ravindra Gautam: What are the upcoming films in your kitty?

Adil Hussain: The most difficult, challenging and the biggest project of my career in terms of scale and budget is going to start from 18th March, however I am yet to sign the project, so I shouldn’t disclose until I sign. This is an international project based on the life of a national leader. The shoot of Delhi Crime series is also going on. I am also doing a Malayalam film with Mohanlal Ji.

Ravindra Gautam: Have you ever faced the financial challenges in your life?

Adil Hussain: Yes, I went through bad financial phase where I just survived on a packet of noodles for 7 days and slept on a railway platform in Guwahati. I always coped up with such situations in life as they I had high intensity of love for my goal.

Ravindra Gautam: How do you feel today when you have achieved so much.

Adil Hussain: I feel I am very lucky as I worked hard. I see many people work hard towards success but do not get the desired results.

I am grateful and believe that along with the hard work humility is important. You need to believe that you are an instrument acting as a medium to drive. The definition of success is different for me. I get to sleep easily at night without taking any medications or under influence of any drugs to sleep. I get a positive atmosphere at home.

Ravindra Gautam: Along with acting, you are also a great cook. So, how did you emerge like one.

Adil Hussain: First teacher was my mother, I learnt , experimented and started cooking. Cooking is an art, that starts from deciding for whom you are cooking. In Korea has a philosophy of hand-taste and tongue taste. How to bring the best in possible available ingredients.

Ravindra Gautam: Did you ever think of expanding the reach of this art to the people?

Adil Hussain: I cook for 100 people once or twice a week. I also cook at home, though not with compulsion. I still am not that keen to grow it as a profession.

Ravindra Gautam: What advice would you like to give to the budding entrepreneurs as this program LEADERS TALK primarily focuses on them. As everyone is not lucky as you are that they get do whatever they want.

Adil Hussain: There is a Chinese saying “The day you will relish the most unpalatable, vegetable roots you have arrived somewhere.” If you do the things you don’t like to do most lovingly and joyfully, then you could reach somewhere. Internal happiness should not depend on external happiness, and that can be done through a spiritual process. We have casted ourselves a wrong role in life. More than 50% of people are travelling in a wrong bus of career in their lives. Do where your interest lies and makes you happy. The major mistake people make is to choose a career with a basic motive of earning money rather than choosing a profession of their interest.

Ravindra Gautam: Adil Ji, do you have any future plans to start your production house or make films?

Adil Hussain: I want to direct couple of films where I want to give a shape to my views and opinion. However, do not have plans to start a production house. It is really difficult to make a good film as it requires a lot of exposure and knowledge. After doing 70-75 film, perhaps I would be able to direct one.

Ravindra Gautam and the whole team of LEADERS TALK wish Adil Hussain all the very best for his upcoming films and projects. We also hope him to start a new series to spread spiritualism.

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