Subhash Aggarwal And Mahesh Gupta Reveal How They Reach From Rs.40,000 to Rs. 675 Crores

Today in Winners we have Subhash Chand Aggarwal and Mahesh Chand Gupta of SMC Group. A company which does not need any introduction. Today on our show we discuss the success journey of the founders of SMC. Yes, we are talking about Subhash Chand Aggarwal and Mahesh Chand Gupta.

While doing their C.A. in Delhi, they met in a library and become close friends due to their common belief, interest and same set of mind. In 1980 after completing their Chartered Accountancy, with just 40,000 of capital they started their own C.A. firm.

After 10 years, they laid the foundation of SMC. 36 years of partnership and hard work paid them well. They said partnership rely and stays on three things honesty, sacrifice, and transparency. Subhash Ji and Mahesh Ji are the living examples.

But in the journey to be successful everyone has to face challenges and difficulties and they too faced them. The biggest challenge they faced is, one when they entered into share market from practicing. The another one is when in 2000 Kolkata Stock Exchange fail and their capital got stuck.

Their 20 years of hardship and capital become zero in a moment and the incident can be a fall out for SMC. But their hard work, vision, determination and courage bring them to this level. In 6 months, they revive and made payments to their clients which help them to win everyone’s trust and they take SMC to the new level of success.

SMC Global securities Ltd. is the leading winning stock broker in India and has many offices across the country. Not only in India, SMC has their branches in Dubai, New York, Atlanta, and Orlando. SMC is a complete financial servicing house. They are into investment banking, wealth management, depository, real estate advisory and non-banking finance company.

They do distribution of two different financial products, a member of all stock exchange and Dubai stock exchange. They also into online trading, broking, commodities, equity, currency, etc.

Winners is a talk show on Zee Business News Channel. The show focuses on the success stories of entrepreneurs and is going to be aired on Zee Business every Saturday at 10.26 am from 11th February 2017.

The segment of the show comprises of a question and answer session based on entrepreneurs’ success story, like how they started their business, what hurdles, challenges, and difficulties they faced, what is their mantra to achieve their goals, etc. So that you can get all the answers to be successful.

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