Blue Whale- A Game Of Death

The Blue Whale Game played on the Internet is a deadly tunnel. Once a gamer enters into this game, it is become almost impossible to escape from this game and come back alive. More than 200 children have committed suicide, so far. And in India over 20 children have died.

These children’s death spread fear and horripilation in the country. And it’s echo can be heard from road to parliament. CBSE has instructed the schools to give information about the safe use of the Internet to the children and ensure that they can’t bring smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops in the school without permission.

If the death of the children continues like this, due to Blue Whale game, then the courts had to manage the work. Delhi High Court issues a show-cause notice to Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Central Government for banning this game. The Supreme Court has also issued a notice to the Central Government and asked for an answer within three weeks. The hearing is to be held this month only.

This game reaches people through social media of Russia’s most popular social networking site. These games are relationship and network-based games, (Blue Whale Game) is played for the entire 50 days.

If you start playing it then a task is given for every day. The game’s admin gives you information about the everyday task. You have to complete the task and click the selfie and share it with your friends and with the admin. In initial days, they give simple task, like draw a blue whale on a paper, watch horror films or go to a spooky place in the darkness of night. But as the final stage in the game comes, the tasks become dangerous and suicide is the last stop for this game.

Now the question is how children reach to these dangerous levels.

This game was created in 2013 by a man named Philipp Budeikin of Russia, who is currently in jail. Every day a code number is given to the player and initially easy tasks are given. For example, making a shape of a whale with a sharp edge tool on the body, makes holes in the body with a needle, standing on the roof, watching the video sent by the admin, and the person who uploaded the selfie on the last day of the game had to commit suicide.

The administrator of this game is connected to the player via Skype. The administrator psychologically takes the player in his control. Even they hacks the player’s phone and if the player wants to quit playing, he threatens to kill him. They blackmail the player that they will kill their parents or kidnapped their sister.

There are some signs of children who are stricken with this game. Sings of injury on the body of the children begin to appear. They look lost in their family and always keep looking for the internet to use. If they are unable to use the internet they become irritable and cranky. A picture of a blue whale can be seen on their social media. Such children mostly use the internet at night and till late night.

Though the game has been banned now but I still want to ask that, why did Budeikin make such a dangerous and life-threatening game?

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