Complete Truth of Rohingya Muslims : Bluntly Speaking


The country’s politics is broiling on Rohingya Muslims. The Indian government has taken a stand aside from the normal leak. The government has bluntly said that these Muslims refugees from Myanmar are dangerous for India’s security.

The Bench headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra will hear the case on October 3 next. The hearings will not be based on whether the Rohingya community’s Muslim people will be given an official entry in the country or not, but the hearing will be on whether the matter comes under the jurisdiction of the court.

India has also decided to take out Rohingya refugees from the country who has taken recourse here from past many years. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs statistics, more than 14 thousand Rohingya refugees are living in India legally. More than, 40 thousand Rohingyas are there, who have been illegally living in the country.

The issue of Rohingya Muslims was also raised on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Myanmar this month. India has also supported the action of Myanmar security forces against the Rohingya rebels. The government said that refugees from Myanmar can create “very serious security threats” for India.

In favour of this, the government mentioned that many Rohingyas are involved in the business of converting black money into white. Some belong to the militant and terrorist background as well. Evidence were found that many of them have links with the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and the organisation of Islamic State.

The government is keen to take them out of the country. Now we have to see what will happen in this context? However, what is the problem?

The Myanmar government is not ready to accept the Rohingya community as a resident of the country, who are living there for centuries. Rohingya is a Muslim ethnic community who follows Sunni Islam and lives in Rakhine State. Rakhine is Myanmar’s one of the poorest state.

According to an estimate, about 10 lakh Rakhine lived there, despite this, they were considered minority in the state. Only 4 thousand out of 10 lakh Rohingya got the citizenship of Myanmar. This community has its own language and culture.

Myanmar does not consider them as a citizen and sees them as refugees from Bangladesh. 30 years later, the first census was held in Myanmar in 2014, in which Rohingyas were not counted. After this attitude of the government, Rohingya was not a citizen of any country despite living in his own country. To get them justice, some violent militants have set up a gang, whose name is-Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

In Myanmar, violence is going on from years. But the latest violence took place on August 25. Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army again targeted the police post and the army base and attacked. About 3 lakh 70 thousand Rohingyas left their homes and came to seek shelter in Bangladesh. Thousands of people became homeless and wandering.

Myanmar government has banned humanitarian assistance in the Rakhine. Thousands of Rohingya is on the border of India and are seeking permission to stay inside the country as refugees. The Indian government is refusing to give them the status of refugee.

Interestingly, there are 57 Muslim countries all over the world and they have also refused to give shelter to all Rohingya Muslims in their country. In such a way, this drill can prove to be a nationalistic step for India. Therefore, India has taken major steps to prevent Rohingya Muslims from entering the country illegally.

Additional deployment of CRPF and BSF has been done to prevent illegal infiltration on the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Here the open border of India’s four states with Myanmar remains on the crisis. The country’s safety is in trouble as India’s four states share borders with Myanmar.

In the North-East, hundreds of kilometers of a border of four states like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland are open, and Rohingya Muslims can easily enter in India from these places. Some Muslim organizations in India are making pressure on the government that Rohingya Muslims should be given shelter in the country.

Now the question is, when Pakistan and other Islamic nations are not giving shelter to Rohingya Muslims, then, is it logical to put pressure on India?

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