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Gajendra Chauhan, Yudhisthir of BR Chopra’s MAHABHARAT, Ex-Chairman of FTII Pune

Watch the Exclusive interview of Gajendra Singh Chauhan where he discussed his journey to the film industry in detail. He discussed about his education- schooling and college and later his job in AIIMS, Delhi. Ganjendra told about his current and future assignments / projects too. He also spoke bluntly about the controversies he underwent during his tenure as Chairman of FTII- Pune. Listen to the wonderful interview with Ravindra Gautam in ‘Bluntly Speaking’ series..

GAJENDRA SINGH CHAUHAN came to film industry in 1982. He completed his acting course from Roshan Taneja, and started his film career in 1983. The first TV serial that he did was PAYING GUEST of Rajshri Productions. His other popular TV series includes Rajni, Darpan, Air-hostess etc.

7th July 1986 the mega – serial MAHABHARAT was initiated. The first day of the shoot featured Raj Babbar in the role of King Bharat. Ganjendra Cahhan was finalized for the role of Lord Krishna that day. Then he went to Kerala for doing some if his films. He contributed in South Indian cinema too.  

Ganjendra rightly said that ‘ BEGGARS CANNOT BE CHOOSERS’. When he was auditioned again, he was offered the role of Yudhisthir, the eldest brother of Pandavs in Mahabharat- The Great Epic.

He belongs to a small village ‘Khampur’ in Delhi. He completed his schooling from Rajas school in Delhi and Graduation from MMS College in Ghaziabad. His Maternal family belongs to Ghaziabad only. He completed his diploma in Radiography from AIIMS Delhi with specialization in CT Scan.

He is among very few people in the country that time, who got a chance to work in this field. This field was a rare field at that time.

 He wanted to be an actor from his childhood. During his summer holidays he used to entertain the people in his village through his participation in various dramas. The first mythological role that he did is of Shravan Kumar. He was in class 7 that time and had bagged the best actor award.

He quit his Radiography career and took the challenge to go to Mumbai for his start of film industry. He really worked hard, faced very hard time. But he never lost his hope, and continued his efforts. Before getting the roe in Mahabharata, he had already finished working in 25-26 tv serials.

And then, there was no looking back!

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