Why Does Rtn. Rajesh Mittal Invite All Professionals at One Platform ?


Rtn Rajesh Mittal – CA by profession-Charter President of Rotary Club of Manthan

Rajesh Mittal started his Rotary journey 10 years back in Rotary club of Faridabad central.
In April-2918, He formed a new club named Manthan that means ‘brainstorming’.
The Club has the composition of Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Doctors, Exporters, Bureaucrats, Government employees etc. who all are like- minded people.
All aim at serving to the society not by means on only charity but philanthropy.
Rtn Rajesh Mittal has very logically explained the difference between charity and philanthropy. In a very organised way he explained to come up as a group / team instead of doing something alone or individually. This is best way which can bring betterment in the society and show quick results.
Target Children who are the backbone of every country whereby bring changes in the next generation.
He formed Interact club and contributed in WINS project of Rotary. He targeted the schools -Swaminagar Dayanand school that was run on philanthropy basis and the children were also from all type of classes in the society. The children came up with the idea of Composting, posting their walls, creating a fountain. The members of Rotary club of Manthan appreciated the creativity in the children who had much less opportunities.
Their Focus is on helping those who need them, rather than targeting those who are already full plate.
Manthan’s focus is not on soft targets but to penetrate their support to hard targets. With their project of educating children , will bring the generational change whereby transformation of the whole country.
Manthan is also working on the children of a MCD school in Pushp Vihar and they have driven WINS project of Rotary very successfully there. It is a primary school with 250 girls. The members of Manthan club ensure that the children not only learn and follow the hygiene but also take these habits to their home. The whole family learns this way.
Rotary Club of Manthan is a service organisation that focuses on community services. They want to bring the change in the society by working on ‘ EDUCATION’ sector that will bring generational improvement in the country. Teaching ethics and values to the children plays the equal role as imparting the textbook knowledge to them. Rotary club of Manthan is in process of working with 3 major projects of Rotary that target children – WINS , TEACH & INTERACT. And they will continue to focus on these projects in next 2-3 years.

We wish all the best to Rtn. Rajesh Mittal for his future endeavors.

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