Right To Pleasure- A Strong Poem By Priya Malik Speaks Every Woman’s Heart Out

Bigg Boss 9’s most controversial contestant came up with a strong poem that talks about the right to pleasure and sexual content. Priya is not only known for her peeing incident during one of the tasks in Bigg Boss. But she is quite popular for her feminist thoughts which she puts out there. Malik has been upfront about her views on equality between men and women.

And once again she stuck to her point, as she came up with a bold and a strong poem. Priya Malik grabbed all the eyeballs as she recently penned a strong poem called Righ To Pleasure. In the poem, she spoke about consensual sex, the right to pleasure and what a woman’s body means to herself and others.

The content might be undigestable for many but it is true that many women are left unsatisfied after sex, even Kalki Koechlin mentioned the same in her YouTube video ‘Dear Men’. Women too need equal satisfaction and sometimes men forget to fulfill her needs, reasons can be many but Dear Men sex is not a one-sided thing and women just know that you have the Right To Pleasure.

Coming to Priya’s video, she defined the words like right, consent and many other important terms that hardly anyone focuses upon. Priya’s poem is something we need to hear today and you will immediately connect to the poem she recites. Many slam her due to her feminist outlook but there are lot many who agreed to what she said.

But to be very honest the poem speaks every woman’s heart, which she never speaks in front to her sexual partner but ladies just know that you have the right to pleasure.

Priya raises to fame after becoming the final contestant at Big Brother Australia and then got wild card entry in Bigg Boss season 9. Season 11 of Bigg Boss is soon going to be on-air.

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