Success Story Captain Rakesh Walia: CAO Of Matrix Cellular International Limited

Today on winners we have Captain Rakesh Walia who tailored his journey from being an orphan to a child labourer to becoming a captain. Rakesh Walia who lost his parents in a road accident at the age of 6 years has worked in factories to earn his livelihood and to complete his education. He faced many difficulties and hurdles in accomplishing his goal of joining Indian Army.

In the year 1983, he finally joined the army and in 1992, after discharged from his Indian Army service and duty he started his life’s second inning by entering into the corporate world.

Captain Rakesh Walia, from the very young age, worked as a newspaper delivery boy, worked at a bicycle repairing shop and then in factories to earn his bread and to complete his education.

During 1971 war, he was just 10-years-old and in that war scenario and blackouts a little boy can only able to hear slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ (Long Live Mother India). The whole atmosphere was created in such a manner that every child was ready to fights for Mother India. The whole incident inspires him to be an army official.

The slogan he heard ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and the word Mata (Mother) sat in his mind and turns into a passion. He thought that if he can’t able to serve and take care of his own mother, he will serve his Mother Land.

He shifted to Gwalior after completing his education till 7th standard. But his passion for joining Indian army took him to a recruitment center where he was asked to complete his high school if he wants to join. After completing his high school, he goes back to that center and came to know the difference between an officer and constable.

Then he educates himself more to be an officer and also appears in a competitive exam. In this journey of joining Indian Army, Captain Rakesh Walia faced many obstacles to reach his goals but his hard work, passion, and determination pay him off.

Captain Walia also gave us a wonderful lesson of life, that- There should be ups-downs in life, if life gets smoothed then it’s not fun to live. Captain Walia achieved his goals but didn’t able to achieve his dream, his dream of ‘come back wrapped in the National Flag’ and till today his dream is not fulfilled.

When he get discharged from his Indian army service, he joined stock market. Being a zero expertise in the field, General Rakesh Walia was being selected as one of the stock brokers by the companies (Wipro, Infosys, etc) who are computerizing the stock exchange market.

A ‘will to do something’ is the key to accomplishing the goals. He also wrote a book titled “Broken Crayons Can Still Colour- A Soldier and a Fighter”. The book is about his life journey, which is inspiring and motivates many young minds.

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