Success Story Of Entrepreneur Rakesh Aggarwal

Today on Winners we have entrepreneur Rakesh Aggarwal who runs his family business of sanitary products. After his father’s death in 1995, Rakesh Aggarwal takes over to his family business and took it to the heights. But his inclination was always to do something for the society and its welfare.

Rakesh, with his efforts, helped poor and helpless people and then started a started a talent academy for children of every class. In the institution, they identify their skills and then trained them so that they can showcase their talent to the whole world. Rakesh Aggarwal and his team keep on searching kids with extreme talent, so that they can help them to shine.

Rajesh Aggarwal gives full credit to his family, he belongs to a joint family, who supported and encouraged him at every step. He said he is doing all this just to gain blessing not to earn money. His institution is looking for the children who are talented but due to lack of facility, they were not able to bring out their talent in front of the world.

Not only this he also runs a program named ‘Food For All’, where he provide food to the needy person. An incident inspired him and he took initiative and started the program. He started alone and now have hundreds of volunteer, society is also getting aware and helping them to stop the wastage of food and feeding the needy ones.

He keeps balance in his business and social work He faced challenges but always remain consistency helps him to overcome the hard time and difficult situations. He also shares his success mantra with the young and budding entrepreneur that, there is no shortcut for success.

Winners is a talk show on Zee Business News Channel. The show focuses on the success stories of entrepreneurs on Zee Business every Saturday at 10.26 am.

The segment of the show comprises of a question and answer session based on entrepreneurs’ success story, like how they started their business, what hurdles, challenges, and difficulties they faced, what is their mantra to achieve their goals, etc. So that you can get all the answers to be successful.

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