Success Story of Rtn. Dr. N Subramanian in WINNERS with Ravindra Gautam

Success Story of Rtn. Dr. N Subramanian in WINNERS with Ravindra Gautam

Today on Winners we have a renowned Urologist, Philanthropist and a dignified Rotarian, Dr. Narsimhan Subramanian.

Rtn. Dr. N. Subramanian is presently serving the humanity as a District Governor of Rotary International, District 3011. A Senior Urologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, Dr. Subramanian is a dedicated social worker whose mission is to make India a healthy and prosperous nation.

His ailment in his childhood and her sister’s cancer struggle inspired him to be a doctor and serve the humanity.

His medical study began from University College of Medical Sciences, Safdarjung and in 1984 he moved to England for his further studies. He is an FRCS from The Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow and Edinburgh and is also an active examiner in the same institution. After serving in countries like England and West Indies for 10 years, his love for his motherland brought him back to India where he became the key doctors who laid the foundation of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi.

Dr. N Subramanian has only one motto- Serve the humanity with Quality Healthcare. Serving the society has always been the prime motive of Dr. N Subramanian and acted as the main reason behind him joining the Rotary Foundation.

Ever since he joined Rotary he has been the a dedicated and zealous social worker serving the poor and underprivileged in different fields like Education, Health, Awareness, Hygiene etc.

He has been constantly appreciated for his efforts by fellow Rotarians, in year 2008 he was recognized as a Platinum President by the Rotary District Governor and in 2010 he received The Four Avenues of Service Citation from the then Rotary International President.

As the chairman of the Rotary Viklang Kendra, which has provided mobility aids and artificial limbs for over 25 years, he has introduced a mobile limb workshop, enhanced total physical rehabilitation in a state of the art rehabilitation unit.

Dr. N Subramanian has travelled extensively and speaks five languages. Both he and his wife are accomplished singers and advocates of Music for Charity and Awareness and are major donors to The Rotary Foundation.

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