Top 5 Inspirational Movies Of Bollywood

Bollywood has become the best source to educate and inspire people. Bollywood is popular for its unique display of emotions and sentiments through its movies. Over the years, a number of inspirational Bollywood movies has mesmerized movie buffs. Some moments in movies inspire and help us to open new pathways in our life. Inspirational movies bring out a change in us.

An inspirational element in a movie evokes a thoughtful perspective among audiences. Bringing a slice of reality to life is no easy task. Many filmmakers have taken real-life incidents and made movies with an inspirational message. Here’s the list of top 5 inspirational movies of Bollywood.


One of the highest rated movie of all times of Indian cinema. This movie has a concept of pursuing what you love and dream, to follow and live with. The movie questions about the Indian Education System and what students face in their lives. It also expresses the burden of parent’s unviable expectations, which pressurize the student while choosing the career. The movie provides a very strong message, “Educate yourself to improve your abilities, not to be successful because once you are able, success will come along under any circumstances.”


This movie is all about the dreams of every Indian child of being a cricket player and passion for cricket. It’s an inspirational story of a deaf and dumb farmer’s son who succeeds in making it big to the Indian team under the supervision of an alcoholic ex-player.


This movie has been the best motivational movie of all times. The story of successful Indian scientist who returns to an Indian village to take his nanny to America but later on rediscovers his roots in India. He got to know the problems of his own country and works himself as a sustainable solution for making the village live again with some basic facilities. It inspires everyone to do something commendable for his or her own country.


This is the heart touching movie of the Indian Women’s hockey team winning the World Cup. It is all about willpower, unity, and hard work. At a time, when sports in India are highly dominated by men, the filmmaker comes up with a brilliant idea to portray a confident and graceful Women Hockey Team.


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie is based on the true story of legendary India’s Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh. It is a tribute to one of the greatest athletes India has ever produced. The movie comes up with an idea to motivate you to get off your coach and work on your fitness and achieve your dream to become an idol for others. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is one of the best biopics in Bollywood.

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