86400 Per Day in Your Account Without Fail

Imagine, there is a bank which credit Rs.86,400 in your account daily. But the deal is only valid when you withdraw the whole amount and spend it because it can’t be carry forward.

So the only option is left that you need to spend and utilise that money on that day. Do you know that this kind of bank exist, and the name of this bank is TIME.

We get 86,400 sec in one day and it is upto us that how will we utilise this time. By watching TV, by sleeping, by doing something productive, etc. We usually hear people saying that we didn’t get time to complete this task or we don’t have enough time to do this, etc, etc.

But guys do you know that each of us gets equal time in a day, it depends on us how we are managing our time and utilising it. Because we can’t use the time which is gone. So utilise your time to the fullest, because if the time will pass it will never come back again.

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