Positive Attitude Is Essential For Success

A positive attitude is the key to success. Any work begins with an excerpt that it will be complete. But before doing any work if we think that it will not happen, then it can never be because you will not start the work due to the fear of failure.

If you want to succeed then it is very important for you to be positive. Whatever the circumstance are, whatever difficulties may come, if you are optimistic then you will take some positivity from it too. This is the sign of the winners.

Only negative people talk about opposite situations because a positive person is full of hope and he does all the hard work wholeheartedly, without even thinking about success or failure.

I will tell you a story, a shoe company sent his new recruit salesman to a rural area to do a survey and tell about the market potential and what is the scope of selling shoes over there.

The salesman goes there and saw that no one is wearing shoes. He comes back quickly and makes a report. He comes back quickly and makes a report, there is no market potential as no one wears shoes there and we can’t sell them.

At the same time, another new salesman comes and he is also given the same task. They ask him to go there and tell us what is the scope there. The new salesman goes there and sees that no one is wearing shoes.

Due to which many of those villagers have torn foot and they are bleeding too. He sends a telegram from there and asked them to send all the low price shoes there as soon possible because there is a very high scope.

The only difference is in approach, we get an example where one salesman has negative thinking and the another one have positive thinking.

The only difference is of thinking and this is the truth of life. Where there are difficulties and hardships, most of the opportunities also exist there. As positivity is hidden in negativity, you need to only change your point of view and outlook.

An optimistic person looks positively everywhere. He sees every difficulty in a positive way and finds the solution. While a negative person instead of finding the solution, only cries in difficult times.

One more example I would like to give you. A teacher was walking in a garden with his two students and saw a mango tree. He asked his students, what do you think of this mango tree?

His student replied, Guruji, people throw pebbles and stones on this tree but he always gives sweet fruits. The tree got hurt but he never misses his work of giving us sweet fruits. Then the second student replied, this mango tree is useless. Until and unless he does not get hit by stones and pebbles, he does not give fruits.

Situation and circumstances are same for both students, but their attitude and point of views were different. Similarly, circumstances are the same for every person but their thinking is different. Some people looks positively to the situation and some will look negatively.

In the storm, birds hide in their nests but the hawk flies above the clouds. Birds can also fly above the clouds if they want, but their pessimistic thinking creates fear in their minds and they get afraid of the storm and hide in their nests.

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