Why Self Evaluation Is Required For Success?

Friends today we talk about self-evaluation, means examine yourself. Generally, others test our work and tell us how we are doing, but if you want to climb the ladder of success then you have to do it yourself.

Before anyone else, you need to evaluate or test yourself whether you are doing the right thing or not. Then only you will be able to find your faults and flaws and will be able to correct your mistakes. If you are waiting for someone to point out your mistakes, then you will be called unsuccessful.

In order to make your work impeccable, you need to understand those errors and correct them. This can only happen when you constantly test or evaluate yourself. You not only be a master by this continuous practice but the world will also appreciate you and your work.

It is important to recognize your own mistake and accepting them is even more important. Many times we don’t believe that we commit the mistake or there is some error in our work. We call it pride or ego, and it can be the biggest cause of your downfall. Self-confidence is one thing and arrogance is another, understand the difference between the two and then only you will be successful.

Once a little boy went to the telephone booth, the telephone was kept at the cash counter of the store. The boy went there and dialed a number. When he was dialing the number and talking, the owner of that store (telephone booth) was watching and listening to him.

Boy: Hello Ma’am, can you give me the work to clean your lawn?

Lady: (The one who is talking to that boy through phone)- We already have a boy who is working for me, he cleans and take care of the lawn.

Boy: Ma’am, I will clean and take care of your lawn in half money than that boy.

Lady: I am very satisfied with the boy who is currently cleaning and looking after my lawn, he is doing his job very well.

Boy: (this time he said very passionately)- Ma’am, I will also clean the floor and stairs along with lawn, that too for free.

Lady: No, Thank you.

With a smile, the boy disconnects the call, the owner of the store rush towards him and said.

Store Owner: Son, I like your attitude and positive thinking. So I want to offer you a job.

Boy: Thank you, sir, but I don’t want.

Store Owner: But a few minutes back, you were praying to that woman for work.

Boy: No sir, I was just checking my work, which I have been doing. I am the boy who works for that woman, whom I am talking to.

This is called self-evaluation.

If you do any work with full dedication and hard work, then only the world will appreciate you. In today’s modern era there is a lack of honest people, as sincere and hardworking people are always in demand. Whatever the work is, we should give our 100% to that work, because the 100% given by you proves to be helpful in furthering your life.

If you are not honest towards your own work then you can never succeed. To be successful it is very important to ensure that there is no error in your work and this you have to ask yourself first before asking others. And then if you find a hair equivalent mistake, never steal an eye from improving it.

Continuous improvement will bring excellence and perfection in your work, and when you become the best success will run for you. Friends, I want that everyone should get success and no one fails because sometimes people fails only due to lack of proper guidance.

I try that whatever I know and learn from successful people, I share it with you. So that you get some guidance, follows them and get the reward of success. So if you want any help from me on any topic, so comment in the comment box below and I will help and guide you. Also share this video with your friends, colleagues and with those who need guidance and motivation.

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