Find Opportunities In Difficulties

Do you know the most precious thing in the world Diamond comes from?

You don’t know?

I will tell you.

Diamond comes from the coal mine.

Coal which does not have any value compared to the diamond. Unlike diamonds, coal is black in colour and is full of blackness. But the diamond, whose beauty is incompatible and which everyone can’t buy, comes from these coal mines only.

Our life is similar to that of a coal mine. In our lives, circumstances also change as the weather. Sometimes it is sunny or sometimes it is shady, but usually, we got disappointed and frustrated in the worst situations and regret or feel pity about our failures.

But there are some people who mold themselves according to circumstances. And finds diamonds or we can say positivity in every opposite or contradictory situation.

We can see moonlight in the dark night, likewise, opportunities also lie in difficulties. The only thing is needed, is to recognize them and to overcome your difficulties. Those who always cry, life make them cry more. And those who look for hope in despair always smile and take every difficulty like a challenge.

Those who get afraid of difficulties, they never recover. In a pessimistic hope, one finds some negativity and an optimist seeks to find positiveness in every despair. His full concentration remains in searching opportunities and he doesn’t cry for the failures all the time.

Let me tell you an incident of a donkey who fall into the well.

One day a farmer’s donkey fell into the well. All the animals started crying for the donkey while the farmer was thinking what to do now. Ultimately, he decided that the animal has become old and he also have to close that well, so there is no use to take him out from the well.

He called his friends, neighbours, and co-workers for the help. All of them started digging the soil and putting it into the well. When that donkey finds out that all this is happening with him, he started crying. Everyone got surprised when they saw that the donkey was suddenly going down.

They put some more soil into that well and at the end when the farmer look in the well, he got surprised and amazed. He saw that the soil they all are putting into the well was falling behind that donkey, and that donkey was doing something unusual.

He was removing all the soil from his body and making stair or pile out of it and one by one he was stepping upward. All of them put soil on the donkey, he removes it from his body and tries to come up. After doing all this, everyone got astonished after seeing donkey who had come up and out of the well, and saved his life.

Friends, similarly situation occurs in life when soil is thrown over you. In which all types of soil included, here the soil means difficulties. You should try to convert those difficulties into golden opportunities, then only you can go one-one step forward (like that animal did).

Every difficulty will take you one step closer to the success. We can not move towards success by accepting the defeat and stopping at the same place whole life. So instead of fearing difficulties in life, try to move one step forward by facing them.

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