Noting Is Impossible!

Physical Inefficiency…. Disability…. Incapacitated…. Dependent…. Handicapped…. Inability…

When we hear these kinds of words, we often have a feeling of sympathy. But ask those who have had faced this kind of mishap in their life. How do they feel? We sympathize with these people but do not give them equal status. Somewhere these people isolate themselves from the society due to their disability.

Some of them get the inferiority complex. But only some people, because there are some self-supporting people who rather considering their disability as disability, consider it their biggest potential.

It is said that if God takes something from you, he will give twice of it. Same happens with people fighting with the disability. If for some reason God makes them disable, then he gives them some special ability which is not there in any ordinary person. And they have to find that ability inside them.

And Rajinder Singh Rahelu is one of those persons, who find this ability in himself.

Perhaps you didn’t hear his name because he is not a cricketer or a film star but he is above them all, because he is a real life hero. Born in a very poor family, Rajinder Singh Rheleu could not walk on his feet because he had polio at the age of 8 months.

But can you imagine- A person whose legs are so weak that he could not stand on his feet, can lift 185 Kg weight???

Rajendra Singh Rachel has shown this feat.

In 2014 Commonwealth Game, he won Silver Medal by lifting 185 Kg weight in Heavy Weight Power Lifting. Rajinder Singh Rahelu is the inspiration for those who suffers from physical disabilities. He also proves to be a great motivation for people like us who are physically and mentally capable but do not do anything, we need to do self-churning.

Born on July 22, 1973, Rajinder had polio at the age of 8 months. His childhood was spent in fighting poverty and disability, but he did not give up. In 1996, he took inspiration from his friends and tries to make a career in weightlifting.

He used to go for practice on tricycle and where he could not take the tricycle, he used his hands to walk and go. He faced many troubles and difficulties, but he did not give up and soon he made national recognition. Due to his hard work, Rajinder got succeeded in his Power Lifting career.

In 2004, he wins a Bronze Medal in 56 Kg category at the Athens Paralympic Games. He represented India in the Power Lifting Games at the 2008 and 2012 Paralympics Games. In the 2012 Paralympic Games, he lost all the three attempts in lifting 175 Kg weight but he did not give up. He gave a great performance in the 2014 Commonwealth Games by lifting 185Kg weight and won Silver Medal, today he is an inspiration for the youth.

Today he trains young and unskilled children as a coach. He is the real hero. People like him brings a new ray of hope every day and proves that those who try will never loose.

People like Rajinder Singh Rahelu have proved that ‘Nothing Is Impossible’. Nothing is impossible in life. We can do all those things, that we think and we can think all those things, which we haven’t thought till now.

If you try and capable of doing something, then God will always help you. We all have Courage, Obsession, Pathos, and Aggressiveness, these things do not see disability or dexterity. So we all can do, what we want to do; nothing is impossible.

If Rajinder Singh Rahelu can do, Mountaineer of Everest Arunima Sinha can do, so why can’t we? Friends, your willpower can give you success. If you want to be successful, then be determined and try to get what you want. Plan and implement, and no one can stop you from being successful.

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