High Thinking Leads To Success

Keep your goals always big because high thinking leads to success.

In close rooms, your thinking stays closed. If you want to reach the peak of success, you also have to take your thinking and thoughts to the summit. And then only, you will be able to reach to your destination.

Friends who dream, they work hard to fulfill them. They struggle and they get suffused by fulfilling them.

Dreams are enough for those who have dreams in their dreams, nothing happens with wings, a person flies due to their morale. If you do not dream big then how will you fulfill them. Keep your thinking big, frivolous thinking and sprain in the foot do not allow a person to go further.

So keep your thinking big, positive and always remember that no goal is hard if you have the desire and ability to achieve it. Your success os not only depends on your ability, it also depends on passion, confidence, and patience.

Every person dreams and makes every effort to fulfill them. But there are few who are able to fulfill their dreams because most of the people quit when troubles and difficulties occur.

Changing the goals when hurdles and difficulties occur, is the only way an unsuccessful person escapes.

Many years ago, a warrior Spartan King had to face a big problem. He had to fight with the most powerful army. The warrior had few resources and soldiers, while the opposition army had ten times more soldiers and weapons than him.

The warrior decided to fight and asked his soldiers to get ready for war. He filled weapons in the ship and with soldiers he proceeds towards enemy’s country through the sea route. After reaching the destination, he landed all the weapons and soldiers from the ship and ordered to burn the ship.

Then the warrior addressed his soldiers and said, “You see that all the ships have been burned. Now we cannot go back alive until we win. We have no choice but ‘victory’. Either we will win or die.”

The warrior’s army fought with great heroism and they won over the enemy’s army who is ten times more powerful than them. The only reason for their victory was ‘determination’. They did not leave any kind of retreat and therefore they won.

Most of the people make ‘back up plans’ to avoid risk. Difficulties to achieve goals and the ‘backup plan’ in adverse conditions, becomes your biggest weakness and force you to wander from your goals.

There is no use of returning from the middle path because, on returning, you will have to make same efforts and travel the same distance as you can do to reach the goal as far as you can.

Those who really want to achieve their goals, they do not have any ‘backup plans’. The goals of true leaders are fixed and they burn all the way back. By doing so, they make sure that no matter how many troubles are coming on their way, they will move forward towards their goal and they have no option to retreat.

‘When you have hard times, troubles and difficulties, you need to change the path not the goal’. Determination and strong intentions are needed to reach the goal. A winner does not accept defeat until he picks his flag by reaching his goal. There is no other option in the life of a winner.

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